Outdoor - Warranty

7th Avenue warrants that:

  • Your outdoor sofa will arrive free of material damage (“Delivery Warranty”);
  • The teak frame (as manufactured) will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years from your original purchase date (“Frame Warranty”). For clarity, the Frame Warranty applies only to the frame – not fabrics, cushions, or pillows.

With respect to the Delivery Warranty, you must notify us (as set out below) of any issues within three days from receipt of your sofa. The delivery warranty expires at such time. For the Frame Warranty, you must notify us within the ten-year period. The limited lifetime warranty for our teak frames cover all structural-related issues such as defects in workmanship and materials that render the product structurally or mechanically unsound. As well as, subject to the “Exclusions” section below, broken frames, connection points, and splintering of the frames that result in loss of full use.


Please see our Care Guide for proper care instructions on how best to maintain your teak outdoor sofa. We recommend following a seasonal care routine that will help protect and increase the longevity of your teak frame. When teak is not treated, it will begin to weather and show a gray/silver patina. This change is purely cosmetic and won’t impact the performance or quality of your furniture and is not considered a quality defect.

We do not recommend placing your teak furniture directly on natural surfaces such as dirt and grass. Even though teak is extremely durable and can withstand severe weather conditions, placing furniture on areas such as dirt and grass can increase the exposure to bacteria, fungus, and mold. To mitigate this, we strongly recommend semi-annual cleaning to remove dirt and other materials that may have made their way into your furniture.

Note: With time, teak will form cracks during the process of natural weathering. The limited lifetime warranty does not cover cosmetic cracks unless it is impacting the structural integrity of the product and deemed from natural use.


The limited Frame Warranty excludes (1) damage caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, unauthorized attempts to repair or modify the sofa; (2) damage caused by accident, fire, power changes, other hazards, acts of God or third parties; (3) any nature cracks, weathering, or color changes as described in the “Care” section above; or (4) damage caused by the failure to follow any maintenance instruction provided by 7th Avenue (such as provided in the “Care” section above, in the sofa packaging, or affixed to any part of the sofa). Please review below for an additional list of items that we do not cover.

  • Variations in color, finish, and texture
  • Cosmetic cracks
  • Natural teak oil can transfer from the frame to the cushions or protective covers. Teak wood naturally secrets oils so this is completely normal.

In addition, the Frame Warranty only applies to sofas used in a residential setting. Sofas used in a commercial setting (such as a lobby or office) are not covered by this warranty.


Should a covered defect occur during the warranty period and you notify us, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be for a refund as set out below. But we may, in our sole discretion, also offer to replace the sofa (or specific modular part). Replaced products will only be warranted for the remainder of what would have otherwise been the original warranty term.


To obtain warranty service for your sofa, you must email us or call us at 877-644-1506. You must provide us with your order number. To help us assess the issue, we may ask that you email us photos of the issue. Once we approve a return, we will issue you a return material authorization number (“RMA number”). The RMA number must be included with the product return. You must only use a 7th Avenue-provided return label. 7th Avenue is not responsible for products received without an RMA number or proper return label and may reject such products.


A refund may take up to four weeks to process. The initial shipping costs charged to you for your sofa order will be deducted from the amount refunded.