Teak Care Guide


We use premium solid Indonesian teak for all of our outdoor frames. Naturally Weather-resistant and one of the strongest hardwoods in the market, teak is highly durable and long-lasting making it perfect for outdoor furniture. With one of the highest natural oil contents, teak produces protective oils that make it resistant to moisture, warping, rotting, and splitting. If teak is exposed to humid climates or rain, the natural oils in teak may rise to the surface and appear like water stains on the frame. This process is called Oil Surfacing and is completely natural and can be removed by using Teak Cleaner and protector. Oil Surfacing can happen multiple times over the course of several months before it subsides naturally.

As teak weathers and ages, it is not uncommon for the wood to develop a unique silvery patina. This patina is highly sought after and desirable. As with any wood product, this weathering effect will vary greatly depending on the climate, maintenance/care, and exposure to the elements. It is also worth noting that as temperatures shift, expansion and contractions of the wood can occur which may lead to small cracks. These cracks are surface level and will not impact the structural integrity of frames at all.

To mitigate the weathering effects mentions above, we recommend using our dedicated outdoor protective covers when the furniture is not in use and implementing a seasonal cleaning protocol as outlined below.

Teak Maintenance & Care

Seasonal cleaning is recommended to keep your Teak outdoor furniture in showroom shape. We recommend adding a coat of Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner at the beginning and end of each season. Scrubbing may be required when applying the Teak cleaner in which case we recommend any and all scrubbing is in the direction of the wood grain.

Long Term Care Suggestions:

  • Try to avoid letting water sit directly on the surface of the teak, fabrics and cushions.
  • We recommend using the 7th Avenue Outdoor Protective covers to cover your teak frame and cushions when they are not in use.
  • When your furniture is not in use for longer than a few days to avoid mold and mildew build-up remove your cushions from the frames


Our Premium Indonesian teak is sustainably-sourced from forests regulated by the Indonesian Government’s Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and Verification of Timber Legality (V-Legal Export Certificate). We strictly adhere to the Indonesian Government’s sustainability practices - which includes staying away from illegal logging and replanting trees for every tree they cut down.