Outdoor - Fabric Care Guide


Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX & Green Gold certified, meaning that they passed rigorous testing to be free from harmful chemicals that pollute skin and the environment. Free from fluorine (PFAS/PFOA/PFC), formaldehyde, melamine derivatives, and contain no APEOs. OEKO-TEX Certificate Number: 22.HCN.48441. GreenGuard Gold Certificate Number: 306976-420


WATER-REPELLENT: Our Outdoor fabrics are water-repellant, stain resistant, and engineered to withstand stains & spills ranging from water, sodas, pet urine, and even wine - making them the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

To achieve water-repellency, we utilize Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating technology that is regularly used in raincoats and outdoor jackets. Our DWR coating is specifically engineered for application on indoor upholstery which allows our fabrics to remain smooth.

REMOVABLE & WASHABLE COVERS: All of our outdoor covers are fully removable. This means that if they get dirty, you can simply remove them and wash them. This also means that if you ever would like to replace the covers, or change the color of your outdoor sofa, you would simply need to get covers instead of replacing the entire sofa.

CARE & CLEAN: We recommend regularly cleaning & vacuuming your covers to remove any dirt.

DRY CLEAN: Professional, mild process dry cleaning in tetrachloroethene, hydrocarbons, and all solvents.

MACHINE WASH AT HOME: Use the delicate setting, with cold/ warm water and gentle detergent. All fabrics are bleach-resistant and when necessary can be washed with bleach. See our long term care suggestions below for bleach concentration recommendations.

NO DRYER ALLOWED: Air dry only. Dryers may create fabric shrinkage and piling. No heat tumble dry (air only) is allowed.

NON-TOXIC & PFAS-FREE: Unlike other performance or stain-resistant products in the furniture space, our latest outdoor fabrics are free from microplastics such as PFAS/ PFOA/ PFOS (commonly known as “forever chemicals”). Instead of using fluorine-based DWR, we use a “C0 DWR” coating technology that is made out of dispersion of fat-modified compounds and paraffin. They are also free from formaldehyde, and melamine derivatives, and contain no APEOs. Our sofas also do not contain any flame-retardant chemicals, pursuant to California laws that ban cancer-causing flame-retardant chemicals in furniture & upholstery.

Long Term Care Suggestions:

  • We recommend using the 7th Avenue Outdoor Protective covers to cover your teak frame and cushions when they are not in use.
  • When your furniture is not in use for longer than a few days to avoid mold and mildew build-up remove your cushions from the frames
  • Try to avoid letting water sit directly on the surface of the fabrics and cushions. If fabric sits for an extended period of time and becomes trapped, mildew and mold can develop. To mitigate this, we recommend soaking your fabrics in a bleach to water solution of 1:20. Once the soaking is complete, you should wash the fabrics with diluted dishwashing liquid and thoroughly rinse them. A stronger concentration may be used if the initial wash did not provide the desired results.